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o biógrafo não pode jamais prescindir o elemento
social, sempre observável até o homem mais individualista
do mundo: tem de revelar-nos as feições
próprias do ambiente histórico em que foi educado e
viveu o herói da biografia, a fim de lhe descobrirmos
a originalidade e a personalidade. Escrever uma boa
biografia é empreendimento muito mais custoso do
que se pensa em geral .

BESSELAAR, José Van Den. Introdução aos Estudos Históricos. São Paulo: E.P.U.,
1979. p.80


Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. As a child, Einstein revealed an extraordinary curiosity for understanding the mysteries of science (started only at age 10/11). A typical child (only to his socio-economic class — educated middle class), Einstein took music lessons, playing both the violin and piano — a passion that followed him into adulthood. Moving first to Italy and then to Switzerland, the young prodigy graduated from high-school in 1896.

In 1905, while working as a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, Einstein had what came to be known as his "Annus Mirabilis" — or "miracle year". It was during this time that the young physicist obtained his Doctorate degree and published four of his most influential research papers, including the Special Theory of Relativity. In that, the now world famous equation "e = mc2" unlocked mysteries of the Universe theretofore unknown.

Ten years later, in 1915, Einstein completed his General Theory of Relativity and in 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics (iconic status cemented in 1919 when Arthur Eddington's expedition confirmed Albert Einstein's prediction). It also launched him to international superstardom and his name became a household word synonymous with genius all over the world.

Einstein emigrated to the United States in the autumn of 1933 and took up residence in Princeton, New Jersey and a professorship at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study.

Today, the practical applications of Einstein's theories include the development of the television, remote control devices, automatic door openers, lasers, and DVD-players. Recognized as TIME magazine's "Person of the Century" in 1999, Einstein's intellect, coupled his strong passion for social justice and dedication to pacifism, left the world with infinite knowledge and pioneering moral leadership.

Birth name Albert Einstein
Born March 14, 1879
Ulm, Württemberg, Germany
Died April 18, 1955 (aged 76)
Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.
Spouse(s) Mileva Marić (1875 - 1948)
Elsa Einstein (1876 - 1936)
Children Eduard Einstein (1910 - 1965)
Hans Albert Einstein (born in 1904)