terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011


Concorcet was one of the men who helped build the French Revolution. Enlightenment ideas were booming by the year 1789 when this period several Concorcet assumes office. In this period Europe suffers a significant change in mentality. The idea of divine light hovering over the men as a way to run society is gradually replaced by "Lumières ", ie various lights, with the source of human reason and not the divine.

In 1792, Concorcet was elected and has worked on the French Republican Constitution, but in 1793, the Jacobins assume power in the Chamber of Deputies and concordet is sentenced to death for treason, since Concorcet was against drafting a new constitution. Died in jail two days after his arrest in unclear circumstances, his corpse was never found. Among his ideas advanced for the time, was his defense of women's participation in public life, as the right to vote. He was an enthusiastic vote of the people as a way to express their will. As a mathematician also wrote several essays on the science of numbers.

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